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¿Qué me llevo a la playa?

By | 1 August, 2015 | 0 comments

In midsummer as we are, not we hadn’t done a post like this. So we don’tt see a better time to do so. It hasn’t never passed you that you’ve made plans to go to the beach and you didn’t know what ought to take you? Because of that it is our post today, what essential can not miss in your backpack to take to the beach. Let’s review the most important thing that we can take and what you can not forget.

The most important thing you have to remember is the sunscreen. Apply it before leaving home, namely approximately half an hour of exposure to the Sun and returns to apply it every two hours approximately. If you’re going to swim, you should buy a sunscreen that is resistant to water (waterproof). If it is not water resistant, apply it every time you come out of her again. Depending on the color of your skin and the type of skin you have, you have to choose a protective factor greater or lesser. Clear or sensitive skins need a greater than dark skin protection factor. Learn more about what factor is right for you and choose your protector according to this.

Like the Sun is strong enough, you should also bring an umbrella to cover you. This will give you a margin of sand that is protected from the Sun. Use it as best you can. There are many sizes of parasols, and folded all occupy the same space, so choose the one that suits your needs. More may be, larger should be the umbrella that you carry.

In summer the temperature is very high, the sand is very hot. Take a towel to place on the sand and can be reclined while you take the Sun or simply sit on it. If you’re conscientious people who dries out whenever they leave the bathing and do not like to dry with the same towel that is lying in the sand, we recommend that you take an extra towel. In this way not only you wont get dirty with sand, but that you don’t have to lift the towel. Not so sick to the of your around shaking the sand of the towel.

If you plan to spend much time on the beach, you will need to take a drink. With the heat, we tend to sweat more than usual with what we lose more liquid. To replace that loss we need to hydrate ourselves well. The most common is to take well chilled water, but you can opt for other alternatives such as soft drinks, juices, or the slush. Somebody is good to refresh ourselves.

In addition to the drink, you will need to feed yourself. The food is also a must when it comes to spending the day at the beach. You can opt to go to a bar or a restaurant that is close to the beach, or you can bring your own food. This second option is the cheapest that you can choose that you want exactly. If you don’t want a hearty meal you can choose to take a meal according to the season in which we find ourselves. Take lots of water-rich fruit, pasta salad good beer, potato omelette, or something fresh seafood appetizer. Any of these foods are always welcome in a day at the beach.

Both food and drink must be maintained at the proper temperature. What better than a cooler where to store all these things. Fill it well with ice so cold hold all day. You can either buy the ice or put water in containers, overnight in the freezer, so the next day you can have them ready to put in the fridge. For that, you should put it always under the sunshade shelter, so you know that the Sun will not directly affect the food and drink that you carry.

You have an umbrella, but that alone will be when you’re sitting in the sand. For when you are in the water or for when you can not protect you from the Sun with the umbrella, you’ll need a CAP to prevent heat stroke. Some people are more prone to heat stroke than others. So any measure is good to avoid exposing us to do this.

you are not of those who endure hours lying on the towel soaking up the Sun and like to have things that entertain while? Take some games to pass the time. From a deck of cards, a few shovels with ball or a ball to play soccer or volleyball are perfectly compatible with the perfect day at the beach. Choose the game that most go with you and not get bored all day. You can also invite others to play with you and your group to meet more people.

These are our essential what you can not miss to go to the beach. Can you think of anything else?

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