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Otoño en Benidorm

By | 15 October, 2014 | 0 comments

Autumn seems a priori an odd season. Just finished the summer and missed its sun and beaches, and yet the winter, it brings way to snow in these areas in the north, and encourages sports than enjoy it has arrived, such as sky.

Well, contrary to what it may seem, fall is an ideal time to plan your holiday.

Specifically if you do our city, Benidorm, will surprise you still find some of the most pleasant temperatures. The sun is still there each day, and the temperatures are perfect to pass neither hot nor cold. The days continue to have an average duration, because even darker in the afternoon, and also can enjoy the advantages involved a trip to a city in low season. You will see that there is still much room (as this does not stop at any time of the year), but with less crowds, making it easier finding your visits and parking. Also, generally, the rates you’ll find off-season, usually under which dispondrías summer.

Although it is no longer time to swim at the beach or pool, options to have a great time in Benidorm not stop there.

We propose a few:

– Beaches. The beaches can continue visiting the same. With the only difference that you can no longer bathe in them. However, you are in the ideal time to give them a barefoot stroll, or jog along the shore; especially in the morning, where the sun heats but does not burn.

– Viewpoints. Without self excessive summer heat. It is the ideal place for you to stick your viewpoint centric “Balcony of the Mediterranean”, both day and night time.

Also located atop Mirador de la Cruz can be a good option. The autumn sunsets are beautiful, and from a point like this, increase your beauty three times.

– Skyscrapers. Benidorm is one of the few Spanish cities composed of buildings over twenty stories, therefore, is not something we see every day. We encourage you to visit some of the most important, where you can climb through mostly panoramic elevators and enjoy unbeatable views in the cafeteria that many of them have in your deck or top floor. We recommend: Bali hotel, the tower of Lugano, and Kronos and In Tempo buildings (the latter is still under construction). Experience “highly” different.

– Cultural tourism. Visit the old town of Benidorm. It is situated between the two beaches and contains multiple little shops and tapas bars where you can also take the opportunity to taste typical local cuisine, tapas and Mediterranean-based rations, foods rich in fish and the sea. In this area are also located various churches, you can also visit. Some of them are St. James Parish, Good Shepherd Parish, Parish of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Nuestra Señora del Mar, Parish of St. Francis of Assisi, and Parish of Nuestra Señora de la Almudena.

– Mountain trails. For those of you like sports, this is your Star season! Since summer, high temperatures will not allow you to visit the mountain and perhaps should, fall is an ideal time to explore. Up the Cross area of Rincon de Loix, arrived at the Sierra Frost, which juts several miles, leading to different routes that you can take out and enjoy the trails with the best views.

– Entertainment and Theme Parks. During the fall shows take place as often in the summer, but may vary at times, programming or content. Leisure parks operate similarly, although changing your schedule. The only thing close is the Acualandia waterpark. But it may be a good time to go to another as the Medieval Castle of Alfaz del Pi.

– Markets. We all like to take a look at the flea market stalls, but it is noteworthy that in the summer, with the sun beating down over the thing becomes quite desapetecible.We are at the perfect time! So if you feel like making some purchases at the best price, we recommend several of them located in different areas of the city. The most important are: Foietes Market (located next to the sports center Foietes, and with hours from 8 to 13:30 every Wednesday), the market of the People (on Avenida de Sarria Bernat), and The Flea Market Swan (on the national road N-332). The latter stands out because it offers antiques.

– Festivities. An event not to be missed are the Major Festivities De Benidorm. It is something that characterizes our city greatly this season, and taking place in autumn. It is a lure for many tourists, who by chance found in the city during the event, and that after living them with the passion of the benidormenses have decided to return to the city on the same date.

These festivals are held in honor of the two patterns of the city: St. James and Our Lady of Suffrage. Legend has it that on the eighteenth century, a ship was found on the beach that had been wrecked. The townspeople burned to dispel it possible diseases behave, finding the ashes an image of the Virgin of Suffrage.

These parties are the most complete, highlighting the group of people the people in clubs that meet in houses or garages for holding acts. Some clubs allow passage of tourists, and encourage them to participate in this cultural event.

Among the acts are as complete a holiday d: will not give you time to get bored! Benidorm streets are filled with noise, lights, music and color, with rides, parades and shows. Stresses the staging of the discovery of the Virgin on the Playa de Poniente, you can not help but be excited. A pilgrimage and a flower offering in honor of the Virgin and various Masses were also celebrated.

A fairground is implanted at the southern entrance of the city, where many attractions are placed (Fridays only cost one euro), craft stalls and sweet foods, chestnuts and roast potatoes.

In the Plaza de Toros heifers are made just ten euros, offering classes start bullfighting for those who purchase a ticket.

Parade of pigeons and horses (by the winner of the “You really are worth” Santi Serra.

The food also enjoys prominence, celebrating the traditional contest “with fesols Arròs” in the Rincon de Loix; sardines and chocolate for all who attend.

Check belts and above all a lot of powder. Many fireworks displays laden sound, thunder and lots of color; mascletá digital, aerial fireworks and water, castles and even pyrotechnics surprise by Valencian experts.

Also noteworthy is the parade of Humor, one of the most distinctive, and the parade of Correfocs, fire show.

Theaters, performances by characters such as Ronald McDonald, candy fireworks, children’s parades and mascletá: For smaller, multiple activities are performed.

And for young music lovers, there will be a performance by national pop-rock groups as well as the performance of Fangoria, who will be pleased to visit this year.

So do not you think about it, from 8 to 13 November Benidorm’s become a more and come celebrate the holidays with us!At Hotel Carlos I / Centromar we are happy to welcome you!

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