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Hotel Centro Mar

10 Razones para alojarte en Centromar

By | 9 September, 2014 | 0 comments

10 Reasons to stay in CENTROMAR

Hotel centro mar en Benidorm

Still have not come to stay with us? In our Hotel Centromar, we are waiting with open arms. We give some reasons why surely you will choose us over other hotels.

– 1 Unbeatable location. First of all, a hotel must be well located. Since for various reasons, we do not live in the best area of our city, what I do unless pregnant during our vacation. So we like to have a hotel that is in a central, busy, with atmosphere, close to everything and if summer near the beach. Well, you just described Centromar. Our hotel meets all these requirements. It is located in the center of Benidorm, in the old town. This allows you to visit the native core of the city, where the main churches, and where there is a multitude of typical alleys (where required mission passes to sample tapas and cuisine of the area). In addition, many stores are open all day and much of the night, filling the area of environment, joy, light and life. As for the beaches, the location could not be more perfect: the hotel is situated right in the middle of the two main city beaches: Levante and Poniente (is less than 5 minutes walk), and more welcoming: the cove Mal Pas, almost at the end of the street, 3 minutes walk from the hotel.

5 minutes from the seafront, you can easily walk to almost all parts of the city, therefore, comfort is high.

– 2 Rates

Our hotel is characterized by a quite affordable rates for the age in which we live. However, deals are often made to suit all ages and offers different prices depending on the type of room reserved. For those as you want to make a vacation to an affordable price, this is your hotel.

– 3 Quality

But no good paying a reasonable price, if the quality does not accompany. This does not happen in our hotel, which is the highest quality in all aspects. We take care of every detail (room services, staff) to make the customer feel as comfortable and satisfied, that is at home, or even better. Therefore, the value is really high, making it still more convenient.

– 4 Rooms

We have several arrangements of rooms, so you can choose those that best suit you. Also with different prices, you can choose rooms with exterior or interior views, overlooking the sea (on upper floors), with double or single beds, extra beds or cots, so when you join smaller house. All rooms are fully equipped, and includes television, safe (with charge), heating and air conditioning, and bathroom with shower. For the disabled, have rooms specially adapted for them, something quite difficult to find elsewhere. Cleanliness, order and above all, comfort breathes as you walk through them, you find yourself doing great on these during your stay.

– 5 Pool

In Centromar Hotel we offer a different pool to any other, since we have it on our balcony. This makes it a very special pool, allowing baths to give your best while enjoying a panoramic view of Benidorm. Also, being on the terrace, the sun heats up and can take the sun even more at ease.

– 6 Food

We offer a variety of dishes to choose from our buffet. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner to enjoy the quality and good taste in all of our food, as well as many times as they want. The waiters trays continually renewed, so almost everything is served fresh. Faced with many hotels that do not implement it in Centromar offer you the possibility to adapt the menu to your nutritional needs, in case you are allergic or intolerant to certain foods, although we suggest that we communicate with advance. Our restaurant also offers the ability to accommodate all those guests (it is recommended to call ahead) wishing to dine with us, but are not staying in the hotel, so if your hotel in Benidorm friends, and want to accompany you on your meals, you can taste together our best dishes.

– 7 Special Services

We have free Wifi service throughout our hotel, so you can make all your inquiries through your mobile phone, or work on your computer or tablet device if needed.

The hotel also offers two parking spaces in the vicinity, to facilitate your work of seeking parking.

As for the star service is important to note the new cafeteria on the terrace of our hotel, which will allow you to assail the best cocktails, soft drinks, teas, coffees and snacks; at the foot of the pool, or while enjoying some sunshine watching the stunning views across the city.

At our reception, we will be 24 hours at your service, for any query that you need as well as offer the ability to store your bags and luggage once you left the room, if you feel like staying a while longer sightseeing and do not want to carry them.

The hotel also has a website and various social networks where you can find out the best deals and have the opportunity to discuss your experiences or fulfill ourselves your questions, concerns or suggestions.

– 8 Reviews

It is always advisable to pre-book your stay at a hotel, that you take a look at the comments left by other visitors after accommodation. Therefore, another reason why we recommend Centromar is for their good reputation. Just to look the very positive and favorable comments left by our previous customers and Booking Trip Advisor, which has won the Certificate of Excellence in 2014.

– 9 Personal

Anyone who has visited our hotel, nicely struck by the extraordinary friendliness, hospitality and good treatment to offer any of our employees. It seems incredible, but this is not something that characterizes many hotels, however; Centromar for staff is crucial, as we want and we make you feel at home. Both our restaurant and reception, the deal is excellent at any time of day.

– 10 All ages.

Centromar The Hotel is ideal for everyone. That is, it fits all models of visit. No matter if you come with friends or friends to give you a holiday filled with beach music and concerts; if you come as a couple to celebrate a special date, and enjoy rides and more romantic side of Benidorm; if you come as a family with children and adults, and looking for leisure and relaxation; Centromar hotel is a place where we all, therefore, we encourage you to not think about it anymore and … .¡reserva today your holiday with us!

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