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Hotel Centro Mar

10 Bebidas para disfrutar desde nuestra terraza

By | 1 October, 2014 | 0 comments

In summer, due to the high temperatures of the area in which we are, at all times increases our sense of thirst and ingest liquids. But not enough water, at times, we want something more elaborate, tasty and different. So in the Centromar hotel, we have a wide range of drinks in our terrace cafe for you.What better place to enjoy them from here! The combination “+ flavor views” we know you will love, once you try it, you will want to climb every day! And so here we are waiting. Every day you can choose a new and different option, since we have all drinks for breakfast, refreshments, drinks, cocktails, coffees, teas, and smoothies. You’ll enjoy all while admiring the beautiful coast of Benidorm is observed from the highest point of our hotel, while puedrás lie on loungers or take a dip in our pool, which is also found in the same terrace.

We propose some cocktails and mixed drinks, and other rich options for you to calm your thirst.


Cuba Libre:

Known since ancient times, is a cocktail of long tradition, and featured in numerous films and songs. From this Central American country, is to mix white rum with cola and lime juice. It is decorated with a few slices of this and with lots of ice.

Dry Martini:

It is the quintessential cocktail digestive. In addition to herbal liqueurs (Marc type), this drink is one of the most appropriate to relax the stomach after a big dinner or lunch. It contains gin, dry usually Martini vermouth. Sometimes it is decorated with green olives.


While the above cocktail is preferable to be eaten later take the Negroni is the contrary, stimulates appetite, so that has traditionally been taken prior to lunch, as an appetizer.

It consists of: gin, Campari and red vermouth, and garnish with half a slice of orange.

– Paradise:

This cocktail, however, is ideal taken at any time of day. Gin, peach brandy and orange juice are the ingredients, which combined with the sights and wellness you feel on our terrace, you move indeed, and as the name suggests, at the same paradise.

Piña Colada:

For those of you like cocktails more consistently, the best alternative is the famous and renowned Piña Colada cocktail. Composed of white rum, and pineapple juice, has the particularity to contain coconut milk. The contrast of both tropical fruits (pineapple and coconut) is gorgeous, and an option chosen by a very large majority for years.

The white drink brings the finest touch, and served cold in summer, is a combination of alcohol, and fruit smoothie, which refresh your holiday evenings, sating your hunger until dinner time, or consisting of a great dessert to take after her.

Agua de Valencia:

And since we are in Valencia, what minimum spend one of our cocktails on our wonderful land. The most typical area certainly is the Water of Valencia, whose main ingredient is the fruit of honor in the region: the orange. Therefore contains, orange juice, vodka, gin and semi-dry sparkling (champagne or cava, white sugar and lots of ice, and that consistency has to pretend the candied orange (can also be prepared in advance and introduce a few hours , prior to tasting, in the freezer.) An excellent combination of flavors, as the bitter taste is balanced with sparkling sugar and sweet taste of our star fruit.

– Baileys:

This sweet liqueur traditionally has taken only with ice, because due to its characteristic sweet taste and need not be accompanied by any ingredient. However, if you’ve already used only many times, maybe you’re curious to try it in combination with other components, in contrast to him, or enhance its taste.

Some of these combinations are: Baileys with chocolate milk, baileys and grenadine syrup, dare to try!

For lovers mixologists, but whichever you prefer a lighter or non-alcoholic option, say that present a variety of them without alcohol, with different spirits, or with the same ingredients as above, but removing the alcohol component. However, we suggest that has been the quintessential non-alcoholic cocktail, elected by a large majority for years: the San Francisco.

– San Francisco:

That does not contain alcohol not be a problem, as it presents both contrast and mixture of flavors that will make it a treat for your palate: orange juice, lemon, pineapple and peach, all topped with syrup or alcoholic liquor flavored grenadine. Decorated with pink sugar rim of glass and can be a nice way to take sorbet dessert because of its sweet and intense flavor.


And why wait until it is cocktail hour to enjoy our menu and our terrace. Also at breakfast, mid-morning to get energy, or coffee time, waited on the top floor. In addition to traditional coffees: espresso, stained, cut, bonbon, which are used throughout life, we have a variety of them, much more original offer:

Cappuccino: Surely you already know, but do not know what that is so called because it was invented by monks in ancient times? Thus the name refers to the hood that these dressed in their robes. Well can, enjoy the best cappuccinos in our terrace, consisting of: espresso with evaporated milk, and all under a layer of equal thickness very frothy milk. In turn, cappuccinos varieties can present as the way to adorn and complement, and can thus bring in your top layer nutmeg, cocoa, chocolate, cream or cinnamon.

Irish: Coffee with cream and whiskey, for those who like to start the day cargaditos energy.

Cubanito: Coffee with cream and white rum, for lovers of strong experiences.

Barraquito: Coffee with cream and white rum, all muffled by the sweet taste that give the cinnamon, condensed milk, sugar and lemon.

Sure there were some that did not know, is not it?

We hope to see you soon and you choose the one you like, or ask us which you can think

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